The Technology

A complete game-changer for the global fuel market; as it has increased the efficiency of internal combustion engines by the cooling of the exhaust gases from combustion, by the addition of Core Polar Molecules (CPM) to fuel. CPM (our "silver bullet") is a door opener to the currently closed competitive global fuel market. Our proprietary technologies for both our gasoline and alcohol/gasoline blend product, leverages the benefit of enhanced engine function by cooling engines from the inside to increase miles per gallon and lowered emission. Patents are pending in the U.S. and in forty foreign countries for the invention titled "Synthetic Fuels with Enhanced Energy Output".

Each gallon of EcoFlex 96™ has the combination of thermal and "virtual" energy to equal the energy in racing gasoline. EcoFlex 96™ contains "virtual" energy density by converting previously wasted BTUs from combustion from the fuel to produce useful mechanical energy and allows the engine to discharge less heat to the environment.

Dynamo™ Booster

Dynamo™ booster image

EcoFlex 96™ Applications:

Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs)

Universal Fuel