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Just got back from my second trip across the country. We were running in our Palazzo with a Freightliner engine and I gotta tell ya that the difference in mileage was unbelievable. Using the Dynamo product the second time we had a 15% increase in miles per gallon.
The other thing easy to notice the second time I was towing a car, I mean up and down in the mountains was just amazing. The extra power that you get with this Dynamo product is unbelievable. You aught to try it.

Cal Hay
Lake Mary

As soon as I received the first shipment I added it to all 11 trucks in my fleet to give it a test’ said, John David, owner of JD Homes trucking company based out of Georgia. ‘The first thing we noticed was that there was no smoke coming out of the trucks’. The 11 trucks I tested ranged from 1998 to 2012 models and the increase in MPG averaged over 26% in 4 rounds of fill ups. “I can’t afford not to use Dynamo™ and I expect to see even more savings over time due to reduced maintenance costs.

See JD Homes real test results here.

John David

On a recent trip, to upstate New York, my 1997 BMW 840 ci performed flawlessly.
With an eye on the fuel gauge and odometer the miles per gallon increased by an astounding 30%.
Usually filling the tank four times, for recent similar trips.
This time we only had to refill three times.

Thank you,
Dan Hochroth


CyberFuels Offers 'First Energy Drink for Cars'

By Bryan Sims
Editor, Hart Energy’s
May 19, 2014

As seen on Hart Energy website on May 19, 2014.
CyberFuels Offers First Energy Drink Cars - Article

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