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Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster is independent lab certified to reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) by 20% and overall emissions by 21%.

Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster has been shown to deliver an average Cetane rating over 52 when added to regular diesel fuel at fill up. Dynamo™ Diesel Cetane Booster also improves engine performance, power, and increases miles per gallon along with improving cold flow, increasing lubricity and cleaning fuel injectors.


"I have been using Dynamo™ ever since I bought my first bottle at the Dallas truck show. It is definitely the best additive I have used in my 36 year career driving trucks. My trucks get excellent power response on the foot pedal and the motor runs like a sewing machine. I have been endorsing your product to all my friends and other drivers on the road. They all have asked where they can buy it and I have told them that Pilot flying J truck stops carry it."

Shawn Chase

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Dynamo™ Booster

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